No matter how durable earbuds you buy or the brand you choose, they are small and prone to damages. Most commonly the cables weaken and break overtime. Sometimes, the audio jack malfunctions and very often the earplugs suffer wear and tear. No brainer; it’s in human nature to throw a product in the bin when it’s not working anymore, so are the poor little earbuds.

Is it Possible to Fix Earbuds?

On average, the earphones on the very low-end costs around $5 and some premium ones come under $50 and some above $100. But if you throw them away every time an issue occurs, you’ll be losing too much of your money each year.

Here are some of the most common damages that earbuds suffer.

  • Audio Jack Failure: Plugging-in and out your audio jack with force can result in a broken wire or damaged jack.
  • Torn Earplugs: The foam tips on your earbuds, if not taken care of, will eventually tear that can even damage your earcanal.
  • Broken Cords: The most common damage earphones face. Majority of the people end up breaking the cord in an attempt to untangle it.

Well, here are some tips on fixing your earbuds.




It’s a no brainer that listening to music motivates oneself. In fact, it drives your work and productivity.

Eight Benefits of using Earbuds

Whether you’re in your home or at the office, you probably have a pair of earbuds at arm’s stretch and millions of people around the world use them to listen to their favorite music. To be honest, they have become a necessity of life for many people.

I’m sure you’re not wearing earbuds in the right way, must checkout this guide.

Earbuds or in-ear headphones offer you plenty of benefits of using them in daily routine. The most obvious of which is their lightweight profile and ease of mobility. Let us dig into some more of their benefits and find out how they impact your life.



No matter how carefully you use your earbuds. I mean keeping the cord tangle-free, storing it inside an earphone case or carefully inserting the audio jack. You simply can’t prevent the dirt and ear wax from sticking inside the earbuds padding. If you think your earbuds are damaged and you’re looking to buy new one, then read this buying guide.

It blocks the sound and makes the earbuds more slippery to properly fit in.

Although it is possible to clean them but you may end up damaging your precious earphones.

Nobody loves to use your earphones caked with your wax.

So, before you waste another stylish pair in an attempt to clean them, here is a step-by-step guide that not only cleans the dirt from your earbuds but also prevents them from getting damaged.


Click to read full guide to CLEAN EARBUDS WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM.


Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of thousands of different types of earbuds in the market, each one claiming to be the best. Not to mention that there are millions of people all over the world who are looking for a new pair of earbuds every now and then.

The concept of headphones started back in 1880s, when the first ever earphones were invented. Over the years, it has evolved into various shapes and the modern ones we have today are small enough and barely noticeable. Moreover, there are hundreds of brands selling them which can make it daunting for you to stick to one.

So, here are top 7 Brands to buy earbuds that stand out in features and performance and come at a very affordable price.

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Make Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 for your Comfort

Mostly we thought when we have less time and much work on PC so then we realize we should go faster because of workload so for this we need to make keyboard shortcuts keys so here is solution I find on windows 10
so Follow my tail for complete tutorial.

It seems quite obvious that you are wasting a lot of your energy and time and putting a strain on your shoulders whenever you open the WINDOWS application rolling through the mouse pointer. Of course, you have to lift your finger up and also tapping on a tile. Well, I believe the least physical taxing method to launch any application is through a keyboard because you just need to move your fingers without lifting the entire hand or shoulder.

Fortunately, Windows 10 lets you create custom shortcuts of any program you desire like we shared a guide to create control panel shortcut on desktop previously. It can be a desktop application, a universal app or Window 8’s metro apps. Undoubtedly, you can also create a keyboard shortcut, and here is a quick method of doing so. Follow the step-by-step guide with relevant images.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

Let us begin with opening the “Command Prompt Window” from the start button. Simply click on the Windows icon on the lower left corner of the screen, and type in “CMD”. Right-click on it and then “Run as administrator”
Once opened, type “explorer shell:AppsFolder”. Don’t add the quotes, they are just meant to highlight the main command. Hit enter, and you will see a window with a list of all your apps.
Now, you have to right-click on any application, and select the “New Shortcut” options from the contextual menu.

It will say that “Windows can’t create a shortcut here”. Simply click on yes, and it will automatically create the shortcut on your Desktop.
Now, on your desktop, again right-click on the newly created shortcut, and choose properties.
Now, on the Shortcut key area, click in the box with your mouse button and choose any specific command or function to use it as a Keyboard Shortcut.
All Done
I do hope the guide was useful and helped you a lot. Let me know if you are facing any other issues so that I may resolve them. Would love your feedback in comments.

How to Enable Power Saver Mode in Windows 10

People are concious about their laptop’s battery because it can make their nonsaved work useless by removing it in just one accidental shut down because of battery. You should better use this guide to save your battery from being dead suddenly while working.

With the recent upgrade or I must say a big leap taken by Microsoft from Windows 8 to 10has brought about a dramatic change in user experience with their desktop computers and laptops. It has offered some enticing new features. One of these features that I liked the most was its battery or power saver mode that can help you increase battery timing when it gets low. People use sleep mode in Windows 10 to save their battery but it logs off their computer and it’s a hectic to turn it on by entering password again and again, because of this I use this power saving mode. Sometimes, you are travelling and may need to use your laptop for urgent work, and power saver mode can prove to be very handy under such circumstances.

Well, today I am determined to help you out in enabling the power saver mode in Windows 10. Below I have shared a step-by-step guide to relevant images. Just follow these steps:

Turning on Power Saver Mode

Though in most of the computers, this function “MIGHT” be turned on automatically as soon as the battery percentage falls below 20%. However, in case it doesn’t, just follow the below guide. The main benefit is that you can enable it anytime you want. Whether your battery is at 100% or 10%, you can enable when you desire.

1: Click on the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the screen, and then go to “Settings”.settings

2: Inside the settings, click on “System-Display, notifications, apps, power”.

3: Next click on the “Battery Saver” option from the left pane.

4: Now, from the right side, click on “battery use” link. It may take a few seconds to open, so be patient.

5: Here you can see all the programs consuming battery. However, we need to proceed. On this box see a link “Change Battery Saver Setting”. Click on this link!

6: On the next page, mark all the three boxes. Afterwards, adjust the power saver slider as you desire. I’ve set it to 15%, but you may set it to your own Additionally, you can also add apps, and adjust their power usage so that you utilize your Laptop’s battery for the maximum time possible.After adjusting the slider settings, close the screen without doing anything further. Now, you can carry your laptop while travelling or without a recharger because the battery saver mode is there to add more usage time.

I do hope the guide was helpful, and you have had no issues or hurdles at any point. Would love your feedback on comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for regular updates in your email.

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How to Enable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

How to Enable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

One of my blog‘s subscriber recently sent me an email and said that he was having trouble to enable sleep mode in windows 10. Although, it seems to be a very simple task, yet in the advance and totally new interface of Windows 10, it might be difficult, especially for the new users. The past week I received 10 other emails from our readers requesting a solution for the same issue.

Well, below I have created a very simple and easy guide with relevant images. Just follow the steps explained